F.A.B Tuesday Tips: How to make a turmeric face mask and my natural beauty ritual before my book signing.

Bonjour! Welcome to this edition beaute! This post is all about natural and homemade beauty tips!

Good skin doesn’t cost much but you do have to invest in yourself!

Making a turmeric face mask is really easy and offer some awesome skin benefits such as treating acne, eczema, and rosacea.  I love to use it to rejuvenate my skin and because I am fond of that healthy yellow glow. I am not into make-up and but I am for using nature’s precious gifts to take care of myself mind, body and soul.

I am very fond of natural homemade skin care and that actually what led me to launch my own vegan line specializing in small batches and custom gifts.

Below are some easy directions on how to make a turmeric face mask and my natural ritual each time I prepare for a special occasion. I actually do 97 % of those things on a daily basis but some days I do a little extra because it boosts my mood and energize me when I know I have a long day ahead. My most recent ” special occasion” was my book signing at Barnes & Noble a few days ago.

All of those beauty tips are also great for men and totally safe for children.



Oil of choice. I usually use coconut oil but I kept this one simple and only used olive oil.

Optional: Honey, Essential Oils.

In the mix (pictured below) I only used honey.

Mix the ingredients in a small bowl.

Cover yourself and pillows with an old towel.

It looks and is messy. I used a facial brush to avoid having the turmeric stain my nails because I had to get ready for my book signing on Saturday.

You could use some cotton balls or a brush instead of a facial brush.

Rinse off with warm then cold water.

You can scrub of the turmeric with a little bit of baking soda but I wanted to leave that yellow glow on my skin so I simply rinsed it well and pat dry my skin.

Some people use a little toner afterward and a moisturizer but personally my face did not need any. I love how smooth and alive my skin feels afterward.


Learn more about the benefits of turmeric on my old blog site. You might see why I love it so much! Turmeric est si bon! It’s so good for you! Benefits of Turmeric 



Turmeric Face Mask. N’nako Goodhealthqueen. All rights reserved 2017.






N’nako Goodhealthqueen turmeric face mask. All rights reserved 2017.

Miss Jessie’s hair products got my curls smelling awesome and even though the turmeric mask is messy, it feels awesome to know that my skin is actually absorbing vitamins and minerals every time I apply some of my homemade skin care goodies.


Feet: While waiting for the face mask to work its magic, I rubbed some the bestselling N’nako brown sugar scrub on my feet, slip some socks on and spent twenty minutes relaxing. That particular scrub is actually for face and body and I usually use a different homemade one when I do my pedicure, but I didn’t have a lot of time to make anything from scratch so I used the same scrubs that I used during my shower.

I let the scrub on the whole time I was chilling with my turmeric face mask.

I rinsed off the scrub after rinsing my face.

I only used a small dab of my lemongrass souffle to lightly massage my feet.

When you know that you will be on your feet for a long period of time, a little TLC can’t because you might be too tired afterward to give yourself this well-deserved foot massage.


N’nako’s French Lavender Brown Sugar Scrub.

However,, I do have in our N’nako Collection a “beauty sleep ” kit for those long days when you need a little reward!




Hair: Even though I generally use my own products, I have been enjoying a special gift recently. A wonderful sister friend treated me to the whole collection of the Miss Jessies Products. I used the Miss Jessies

to wash and conditioned my hair and used the leave-in- conditioner.

Skin: I always bathe with one of my African glow scrub.

African loofah, N’nako’s Glow Scrub.



African Loofah, N’nako’s Glow Scrub

 And as a great pampering and aromatherapeutic treat before my event, I used the N’nako’s French Lavender Honey Body scrubs. ( see picture of the scrub above).

Considering that I grew up using Shea Butter since my childhood, I still use it religiously as my moisturizer. I nourish my skin daily win my N’nako’s Shea Butter Souffle. I prefer African Shea butter instead to lotions because of its countless health benefits and I proudly cater to my customer because everyone deserves a beautiful and healthy skin.


Lemongrass Shea Butter Souffle. 8 oz.

Clothes: Even though I had initially set aside a beautiful blue dress for my event, I wanted to wear something more authentic to my personal taste. I made myself an off shoulder top with some leftover African prints fabric that I had.




Book Signing. The man I just signed the book to, is Ternae.T. Jordan, author of Is It just My Imagination.


It’s a Pineapple Thing! book signing.

I wanted my sleeve to feel free and imitate the look of flower petals.

I added some small bows on the sleeves and the side split.



N’nako Goodhealthqueen. Custom African Print off the shoulder top. All rights reserved 2017.

Et Voila! It took me a little over 3 hours to complete the whole project (sewing, trying, making adjustments, hand sewing the bows..)  It was well worth the time invested because many people complimented my outfit, many asked if I could make them one and most importantly I felt very comfortable.



The bracelet repeated some of the patterns on the fabric. The earring and necklaces did not perfectly match the bracelet but their pattern repeated the circular pods on the fabric.

Talk about loving anything botanical, plant-based, floral and natural elements ha ha ha.

Today’s Quick F.A.B points…

Food:  This whole blog was mainly about feeding your skin and using real “food” like turmeric for your skin. But if you are like me you probably got a little hungry, try some pineapple treats from my book It’s a Pineapple Thing!

Art: I am sure you will agree that self-care and self-love is an art itself, don’t you think? Plus we did talk book some!

Beauty:  This post was all about natural beauty and the beauty of natural ingredients! We nailed this F.A.B because I am feeling all FABulous! Check my Facebook page to learn more about all my handcrafted skincare goodies that will make your skin go oulalaaaaa!

Follow me on Instagram N’nako Goodhealthqueen!

Hope you enjoyed this fun article!

Do you have some special home spa recipes? What are some of your favorite home beauty treatments?










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