FAB TALK & Mural of the Day: Donuts & Tasty Beignets

Hello New Week! Yay to Mondays!

Our Featured mural today and F.A.B talk are inspired by a “donuts mural”.

Located on Broad and W. 2Oth Street in Chattanooga ,TN this donut mural was once the subject of a legal debate and local controversy.

During the summer of 2014, there was a legal issue about this cool mural because it’s located near one of the cities best bakery, the Koch bakery.

Donuts Mural by the Koch Bakery on Broad & W. 20th Street

Donuts Mural. Chattanooga TN. N’nako Goodhealthqueen All Rights Reserved 2017.

According to the city, those yummy looking donuts would provide illegal advertising to the bakery. The donuts were not intentionally painted to attract customers to the bakery but I guess I can see their point, if you think about yummy donuts you might stop by the closest bakery, in some ways it can be sort of a subliminal message…and since I am writing about donuts I myself am thinking about those yummy beignets from the book It’s a Pineapple Thing! Everyone is raving about those pineapple beignets and rightfully so.

Back to the mural, I don’t know how they settled the whole issue, I am assuming that people made their peace about the mural because as of today it is still there.  I am glad that the mural is still standing, bold and fun. However, in a city that is growing and constantly seeing some changes, that mural might eventually be removed…Chattanooga has been growing so much in the recent years that I would see a mural or a building one day and months later it would be something totally different…Check my book Strolling Chattanooga to see some of the recent changes and visually explore the city’s best destinations…The book is worth adding to your book collection, some day as you see more changes around the city you would be able to use the book Strolling Chattanooga as a great reference. There are some murals and places that I actually shared in the book that are currently going through some transformations. Get the book, if you live in Chattanooga or get to visit, use it as your fun tour guide and see those changes for yourself.

Now for our FAB Food. Art & Beauty Talk:

Food: Since we are talking donuts, you absolutely have to try those amazing pineapple beignets that everyone is loving so much. The recipe is originally from a very old French cookbook that I saved from my childhood. Check my book It’s a Pineapple Thing! for the recipe and my little twist to it. Try them and tell me what you think! They are so easy to make and so yummy that I can’t wait for you to tell me what you think!

Pineapple Beignets! It's a Pineapple Thing!

Pineapple Beignets! N’nako Goodhealthqueen All Rights Reserved 2017.



It's a Pineapple Thing!

It’s a Pineapple Thing! Book review.


Still talking about food, for all the Food Network’s fans out there, my daughter and I had the pleasure of meeting celebrity chef Jernard Wells this past Saturday.

Art: Chef Wells and I both had a book signing at Barnes & Noble on the same evening.

Thanks to my books practically selling out within an hour,  it gave me the opportunity to stay longer to enjoy the company of books shoppers and the presentation of the Chef and his little team.

Chef Wells was introducing his new book Road Map: A woman’s Guide to a Good Man. Even though I have been married for 16 years and counting, I look forward to reading his book because as a bibliophile,  I am sure that I will find some gems from this Road Map!  He does have other books worth checking out as well. Having my book signing for It’s a Pineapple Thing! was certainly a perfect occasion for me to meet him.  Both books are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. What’s so cool is that we both believe that food is a great and necessary ingredient to enjoying some pleasant relationships with others.

In my book, I frequently encourage my readers to invite their loved ones to cook and enjoy a meal together.  It’s a Pineapple Thing! is a message of love with the main intention of influencing my readers to use my recipes, and theirs, to create memories with their loved ones.

It was exciting to see that Chef Wells shares the same passion for food and relationships; because I grew up in Paris, France and in Ivory Coast, the power of food is deeply embedded in me.

It's a Pineapple Thing! Barnes & Noble Book Signing

It’s a Pineapple Thing! All rights reserved 2017.


Chef Jernard Wells and Sous Chef Cory Hinton making a Shrimp Creole dish. All rights reserved 2017.

Beauty: The first subject of our beauty/fashion talk is a homemade African print top ( see picture below) that I made and wore for my book signing. That night I received countless compliments about it and many ladies asked if I could make them one! Maybe we will discuss that in some future blogs. It’s fun and beautiful to make your own outfit and see that people actually love it!

Since food is our theme for this mural, there is one beauty tip that you can use at home which goes perfectly with our food theme. Let’s talk ” turmeric” for a minute!

Did you know you that turmeric is not just great as a food it’s also awesome for your skin?  Read about some benefits of turmeric. Tune in later this week for some actual beauty tips and details on the easy face mask that I made for my book signing on Saturday!

That’s a wrap for our Mural & FAB Talk of the day! Hope you enjoyed it! When I am not blogging I am on Instagram, all day every day!!! Join me there.

IG @ N’nako Goodhealthqueen.

What do you think of our Donuts mural? Do you know of any great food murals? Are you a Food Networks fan? What’s your favorite show/chef on the Food Networks channel?Send us some of your favorite mural photos we would love to check them out!

Donuts Mural with Imani!

Imani @ Donuts Mural Chattanooga TN. Book: Strolling Chattanooga All rights reserved 2017.



Book Signing Jernard Wells & N'nako Goodhealthqueen

Chef Jernard Wells N’nako Goodhealthqueen It’s a Pineapple Thing! All Rights Reserved 2017.

Photo Credits: Those pictures with Chef Wells were taken by his photographer Alvin Burgess.





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