Mural of the Day: Let’s Move! Fun & Colorful Mural on Frazier & Forest St.

It’s the weekend and a great way to remind ourselves to enjoy the weekend is this colorful mural in the Northshore area of Chattanooga TN.


Located on a hill facing the Walnut Street Bridge,  this colorful mural is a fun reflection of an area that is full of various restaurants, boutiques and that is home to Coolidge Park.

I don’t know yet the name of the muralist to credit for this lovely art but once I find out you will be the first to know.


Some Fun F.A.B facts

Food: Frazier Avenue offers a little bit of everything from Italian, to Mexican restaurants, American to Greek, coffeehouse and ice cream places,  there really is something for every taste and everyone’s budget!

Art: Frazier Avenue is actually home to the AVA Gallery, Association for Visual Art.

Across from the mural is one of the Art Creations ( art supplies) store. They have a second location in the Hamilton Place area where the largest mall of the city is located.

Beauty: there are beauty salons, fitness facilities and stylish boutiques that can be found all along Frazier Street, but the true beauty is the Tennessee River.

Three ( or maybe 4) bridges connect the downtown area to the Northshore area but of them is pretty special…


The Walnut Street bridge above is the longest pedestrian bridge in the world, this picture is actually from my book Strolling Chattanooga.

You can read a lot more fun facts about the city and see more murals in my book Strolling Chattanooga available on Amazon.

Strolling Chattanooga: Winter in the Scenic City!

Talking of books,  I am actually preparing to attend a book signing at Barnes and Noble for my new book It’s a Pineapple Thing!

It's a Pineapple Thing!

All my books are available on Kindle and paperback on Amazon & Barnes & Noble!

What are you guys up to this weekend? What and where are some of your favorite murals? Do you have some fun murals or landmarks that you would like to show us?

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