Mural of the Day: Wynwood Wall

The following murals are courtesy of a very special and dear childhood friend and brother, Marcel. I suppose that in addition to his pictures serving as “mural of the day” he himself will be our ‘model of the day”!

During his recent vacation in Miami Florida, Marcel has taken some gorgeous pictures that are worth sharing with the world.  In addition to being a world traveler he is also quite a photographer and takes some of the most amazing photos that would make you want to just hop in a place and meet him wherever he is at the moment!

The following pictures are his and they were taken at one of Miami’s iconic destinations, Wynwood Garden.

Wynwood Garden opened up in December 2015 in time for the Art Basel Miami Beach and Miami Art week. Art Basel is an international art fair that is hosted in three locations. Basel Switzerland, Miami Beach, Florida and Hong Kong.  The fair showcases contemporary artworks from established and new artists.


Wyndwood Wall

Wynwood Wall , Miami-Florida 2017.

Doesn’t he look a little like the man on the mural?!




Marcel @ The Wyndwood Art District.

Wynwood Art District, Miami Florida, 2017.

Is it just me or are you also asking yourself if it’s just coincidence that his outfit matches the mural above? There is our Beauty/ Fashion talk….

I have known my  Marcel since I was 12 -13 years old, his cousin was my brother’s best friend ( they are still friends). Marcel resides in Paris, France and he certainly fits well in the fashion capital of the world.  From many of his personal photos, he looks like a model.  He has such a great sense of fashion and seems to effortlessly look elegant in everything he wears.


Miami, FLorida 2017

It has been a while since I visited Miami. Now that I know of Wynnwood Art District I certainly plan on returning.

Fun  FAB points of the day:

Food:  It’s in Miami that I had my first alligator burrito years ago. The city offers a lot of diversity with restaurants from all over the world but some of my favorites were the Cubans restaurants. Maybe because their food reminded me so much about food from my Ivory Coast and what I shared in my book It’s a Pineapple Thing! After all it’s in Florida that I first came across a fast food place that served fried plantains.

The place was Pollo Tropical and Nashville, Tennessee recently got their first Pollo Tropical restaurant.

I will strongly suggest that when in Miami you make a trip to Coconut Groove. I once ran into Pacers, Indianapolis’ basketball player Regis Miller, and that was long before I got interested in basketball! Ha ha ha!

Art: Obviously the Wynwood Art District, Art Basel  and Art week are worth a visit.

Beauty:  When it comes to people & fashion Miami certainly has a lot of attractive looking people from all over the world and the city hosts many designer brands.  And as far as nature is concerned nothing beats palm trees, blue waters, tropical flowers like hibiscus 🌺 and Bougainvilleas and sunshine. Maybe because once again all those things remind me of life in Ivory Coast.

The following images are all courtesy of Google…


Art Basel in Miami Beach.

Basel is the third largest city of Switzerland, a beautiful country historically known for being the only European country to stay neutral during the World Wars.

(Zurich and Geneva are the two biggest cities of Switzerland).

Switzerland is well known for its chocolate, its wealth, its watches, its army knives, its stunning sky resorts and hold the reputation of being one of the cleanest country in the world.


Basel, Switzerland.


That’s it for our little mural of the day talk and travel adventure.

There is always something fascination to see and learn when we pay attention and do a little digging.

For more travel adventure check my book Strolling Chattanooga: Winter in The scenic City for a fun collection of murals and must see destinations. You can download the ebook or order the paperback version on Amazon.


Which of  Marcel’s two murals above do you like the most?

Have you been to the Wynwood Art District before? What murals did you come across recently that you would love to share with us?

Email us your murals and destinations pictures for a chance to be featured.







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    This is such a beautiful website!


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