It’s a Pineapple Thing! Some Frequently Asked Questions…

With my new book officially out and a book signing at Barnes & Noble in just a few days…

I get asked all the time “Why It’s  Pineapple Thing”?

The cookbook was my personal response to a craving that I was having for a pineapple pie. During part of my childhood in Ivory Coast,  my parents had a private chef that would treat us to the most amazing dishes. The pineapple pie was one of them.As I was feeling nostalgic for the pie, I noticed that many stores had countless pineapple home goods, from towels to wall art and serving trays…

The more pineapple items I came across, the more hungry I got for my pie.  I was talking to a friend one night when I initially made the joke that next year I would write a book about pineapple and then I decided to do it NOW instead of waiting.  The next day I embarked on my Pineapple journey! I committed 6 weeks to cooking, taking photos and writing until my book became a reality. Thankfully for me the kids and the hubby were a big help. You got to read the book and see how we pulled it off! I share certain details about it in the Behind The Scenes because I want you to be inspired to go after some of your own goals.

It's a Pineapple Thing!

Get your copy on Amazon fill up on yummy treats and good vibes! Bon Appetit!

The second question I get asked often is ” Are you a chef”?

No, I am not but I absolutely love food with flavor food & nice presentation. During my childhood, I had the privilege of enjoying the skills of a private chef and even though I regret not taking advantage of it, I grew up with a big appetite for good food, good company, and various cultures.

I grew up in Ivory Coast and in France. Life in Africa certainly blessed me with a deep appreciation for fresh ingredients and flavors, life in France blessed me with a respect for good food and its presentation.  Life in both places taught me that food is meant to be shared and enjoyed together and that people are family. You will learn more about that in the Behind the Scenes of my book.

With my parents having a private chef, I learned very early that we taste food with our eyes first! Good food must look good too!

The third question I get asked often is ” are all the recipes healthy”?

95 % of the recipes certainly are healthy. I have some raw vegan options that taste amazing and I have a few recipes that should be enjoyed in moderation.

I even offer vegan substitutions in the Baked Goods section of the book.

Mango Papaya Pineapple Smoothie from It's a Pineapple Thing!

Another thing that I get asked often is How many books I have and what’s next?

I have so far three books and two in the works. One of the books in the works is a collection of murals and street art and the other book is the second book of my Little Corey & Cousin Nia’s healthy lifestyle series.

Little Corey & Cousin Nia’s Fun Trip to the Farmers Market.

Strolling Chattanooga: Winter in the Scenic City

It’s a Pineapple Thing!

Having a multicultural upbringing created in me a passion for various things.

I love simplicity, I love good energy and good people. Fresh food is good energy. Good food is good energy. I love capturing those special moments with photography. I love traveling, learning about new places, I love giving my best, I love art, and books and everything I write showcase my love for those things.

I love when I can authentic in all I do and writing is my perfect way of doing it. I can’t be someone else because I suck at it. I love to share and writing is my way to invite people to my world and know that they invited me back in theirs by reading or looking at my posts.

Thanks for being here. There is more about me that I can’t  share in such a short post so follow the blog and let’s pick and spread some good vibes along the way!

Now that I answered some FAQs, it’s my turn to ask you three questions and tell you three things about the book…

3 things you should know about all my books: 1)All my books have French words so they are great for people of any age to have fun practicing their French. 2) I took all the pictures in my book and my 10 years old helped with some. 3) My books might make you fall in love with fresh food more deeply than ever!

It’s important too that you know that it started as a recipe book and it became a story about love, unity and perseverance.

Now it’s  my turn to ask you some questions: Do you love pineapple? What’s your favorite tropical fruit? What’s your favorite pineapple dish? Tell me because I really want to know!

Get the book, try new things and fall in love & leave me a review on Amazon! I look forward to reading how you enjoyed your book!


It's a Pineapple Thing!

Strolling Chattanooga: Winter in the Scenic City!





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